Mali Elephant Project: How much nature do humans need to survive?

For local communities living alongside elephants in the Gourma region of Mali, it would be close to 10 million acres. At the minimum.

Persisting so that Nature Prevails: the Mali Elephant Project in 2018

Through thick and thin, the Mali Elephant Project’s staff and supporters have kept this globally important herd of elephants alive. 2018 was the most challenging year for the Mali Elephant Project since the start of the violent insurgency in 2013.

Yachak Organic fights poaching in west Africa, announces sponsorship of the Mali Elephant Project

As Africa’s poaching crisis continues, the Mali Elephant Project is proud to announce a new partnership with Yachak Organic Yerba Mate that will strengthen critically needed anti-poaching efforts.

Running for Elephants

Being an elephant in the Gourma region of Mali isn’t easy. Fortunately, people like Wiesje Elfferich are doing their part to safeguard these...

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Keeping the Elephants Alive

Three things have been keeping the elephants alive: the local people, Malian military patrols and the elephants themselves. Last year the sudden...

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