Project Leaders

Dr. Susan Canney

General Adviser and Project Leader for our Mali Elephant Project

Susan CanneyDr. Susan Canney has worked on a variety of nature conservation projects in Africa, Asia and Europe, including living for several years in Niger and Tanzania. Dr. Canney has also worked as a research officer at the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy & Understanding (UK). In addition to working with WILD, she also collaborates with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) based in Oxford.

She has MAs in Natural Sciences, Landscape Design, and Environmental Policy, and a Doctorate for understanding changing human land use and its impact on a protected area in Tanzania. Her work involves using systems perspectives and collaborative approaches to understand the human-nature relationship and find sustainable solutions to conservation problems.

Dr Canney is also the Secretary and a Co-founder of the Earth Systems Science Special Interest Group of the Geological Society of London, and of the Gaia Network. She teaches at University of Oxford and for the Green Economics Institute and is part of Forum for the Future’s ‘Reconnections’ team for business leaders. She has co-authored a book on “Conservation” for Cambridge University Press, published in 2012.


Nomba Ganame

Field Manager

ganame image_cropNomba Ganame is the Field Manager for the Mali Elephant Project. He is a resident of Douentza, Mali, with professional training and considerable experience in, and strong commitment to, protecting Mali’s fauna and flora, especially the iconic desert elephants, while integrating the needs of local people. Ganame describes himself as an “anthropologist of development.”