Boulder, Colorado

Home of the WILD Foundation

If you’ve ever visited Boulder, Colorado, then you’ll understand why the WILD Foundation chose to call this beautiful town home!

With 68 percent of its land protected, Boulder County is the epitome of a Nature Needs Half town. But what does that mean for the people and wildlife that live there? It means coexisting with 500 species of animals and a cornucopia of environments. Picture open prairies, deep forests, snow-capped mountains and roughly 230 miles of trails. It means being able to walk out your door and up to a stand of trees that has survived since the last ice age, or catching a glimpse of a rare butterfly whose life depends on a single type of flower. More than that, Nature Needs Half is in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. It’s what makes Boulder the kind of place where you want to live, whether you’re a marathoner, a mother of four, or a burrowing owl nesting down in that perfect prairie dog hole. After you watch Boulder’s story, think about what Nature Needs Half could mean for your town.

Boulder has more protected open space than developed land and boasts more than 230 miles of recreational trails, challenging climbs to 14,000-foot summits, and the opportunity to witness rare orchids and other charismatic wildlife. But when you hike to your favorite lookout and soak in that stunning view, do you ever stop to wonder how we came to have so much?