Projects Overview

WILD’s projects reflect its collaborative approach and preference for horizontally-powered programs and movements. WILD has a long history of successfully designing and leading projects and collaborations to restore and protect the wild, and to reconcile and enhance the relationship between human communities and the wildlife and wild places of the world.

Across the globe, WILD works with local partners and communities to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners. This grassroots approach is the same with governments or local communities, and generates a strong network of regional involvement, knowledge, and practice.

WILD’s project portfolio is purposefully structured so that we have “Core Projects” and “Partner Projects.” WILD’s mission includes stimulating and assisting the growth of a wider conservation movement. One way we do this is to establish Collaborative Conservation Agreements (CCA) with compatible groups and projects that extend our reach and further our mission.


Core Projects

Core Projects are developed and implemented by WILD with many local collaborators. Learn more about:

Partner Projects

Partner Projects, or Collaborative Conservation Agreements, are primarily developed and implemented by partners- to which WILD brings substance, experience, advice, support and other needed tools.

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