Bequest Benefits

The thoughtful gift of a bequest ensures that WILD continues protecting wilderness and connecting wilderness, wildlife, and places for generations to come.

A bequest makes sense if:

  • You want to help ensure WILD’s future viability and strength.
  • Long-term planning is more important to you than an immediate income-tax deduction.
  • You want the flexibility of a gift commitment that doesn’t affect your current cash flow.


  • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime.
  • You can modify your bequest if your circumstances change.
  • There is no upper limit on the estate tax deductions that can be taken for charitable bequests.
  • It is private – your will is not filed or made public until your death, and
  • You can have the satisfaction now of knowing that your bequest will support WILD  in the way you intended when you are gone.

Amy Lewis
Director of Partnerships Development
(303) 442 8811 x 227