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We are the people helping to keep Earth wild.

If you believe in the importance of protecting Earth’s wild and irreplaceable nature then you’ve come to the right place. The WILD Foundation has been building new, innovative solutions for wilderness from the ground up since 1974. Solutions that revolutionize opportunities for the entire conservation sector.


To protect and restore at least half of Earth’s wild nature to help create the best world possible.


A world in which people respect nature, nature flourishes, and life thrives.

Here’s an example of WILD’s uniquely effective method of creating lasting, large-scale protections for nature.

How does WILD do it?

We recognize that there are two types of conservation programs, and both are equally essential for lasting protections that sustain nature for the benefit of all life on Earth.

The first kind of program is on-the-ground teams defending critically threatened species and places from imminent destruction. Only through such mud-on-boots actions can we ensure that there is a wild world left to protect in the future.

The problem is that interventions like these are costly, and increasingly difficult to sustain for the long haul.

That is why a second approach to conservation is needed, one that counters the root causes harming nature which include a lack of respect for Earth’s wildlife and wilderness, and lack of coordination for their protection.

This is what WILD does best.



For over 40 years

WILD has assembled leaders from all sectors of society and from all over the world to come together for the twin purposes of forging strong policy communities with shared goals and objectives for the protection of nature, and building respect for Earth’s wilderness.

Putting respect for nature at the center of the leadership community and stewarding coordinated action for her protection is what we do best.

We invite you to join us as we continue to implement proven solutions that educate world leaders and grassroots decision makers on the necessity and wonder of Earth’s remaining wild places. Your support builds powerful communities that enact new and higher quality protections for nature.

Leaders need help working together to protect Earth’s wilderness. Saving Earth’s wild and irreplaceable web of life is too big for any one government or organization to solve on its own.

Join WILD and help build momentum for strong communities and strong leadership that protects wild nature for the benefit of all life on Earth.


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