WILD11: China

Uniting East-West Conservation for Stronger Wilderness

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Millions of people on 5 continents empowered by a wilder world…

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WILD11 is a bold enterprise tackling threats to our wild Earth. It's about people, not institutions, and unity, not one-upmanship.


The World Wilderness Congress unites the best of all social sectors – government, business, academia, media, and the arts – both traditional and modern  – around an ongoing problem-solving process that creates new opportunities to protect our wild Earth and the people who most rely on it  – all of us!

The WILD China Project began recently, and we have been collaborating closely with Chinese and global partners to determine if the 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11) would assist China and global conservation needs within the next few years.  The resounding answer was yes (!), and now planning has begun on practical objectives…lots of action! As a result, our senior Chinese colleagues are now applying for the necessary political approval(s) from the central authority, the China Communist Party (CPC).



Learn more about WILD11 taking place in China, 2019: visit the website and and view the press release here >

Comments at the Media Launch for WILD11, China – Presented by Wilderness Foundation Global and WILD Foundation President, Vance G. Martin. Hosted by the People’s Daily, Beijing, 20 January 2018.



Each Congress spurs new breakthroughs. These solutions have impacted millions of lives and helped protect dozens of ecoregions around the world.



The future of our world and its wild, life-giving heart depends on new leaders in all sectors of society. WILD11 strengthens this leadership capacity.


Wild10, The World Wilderness Congress, Salamanca, Spain

We protect Earth’s wilderness and the people who need it on our own, which is why each new Congress shares and relationships for others to build on.



Grounded in existing strong North-South relationships, WILD11 is laying the essential groundwork for more effective conservation partnerships between the East-West. Working with hundreds of partners across dozens of countries, we aim to make important breakthroughs that:

– Strengthen leadership capacity to effectively address the most pressing conservation issues of our time. 

–  Support China in seeking international partnerships that will make possible more effective and comprehensive protections for wild nature.

– Lay the groundwork for collective impact that will keep Earth wild now and in the future.

And we need your help to make the most of this historic conservation opportunity!

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Female Yunnan Snub-nosed monkey, Rhinopithecus bieti, photographed in the Tacheng Yunnan snub-nosed monkey National Park, Yunnan, China. Monkeys here live free in the forest, but one of the big flocks (c 80 animals) are regularly herded to a feeding station where visitors are allowed. This monkey is eating leaves on a branch, Gaoligongshan Mountains, Yunnan, China



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