WILD Cities Project

The WILD Cities Project is a collaborative campaign to regenerate wild nature in urban areas to improve quality of life for all.

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What makes this project unique?

The WILD Cities Project focuses on abundant wild nature as the key to ensuring hope, happiness, pride and prosperity for people who benefit from healthier urban habitats. It imagines a planet of interdependent WILD Cities integrated with the larger web of nature that supports all life. These cities flourish with green, with trees, parks and trails where people play, exercise, gather and move along with wildlife. The WILD Cities Project connects diverse groups of people joined in a common vision for a better urban future.

What is a WILD City?

WILD Cities are acting to protect, restore and regenerate wild nature in its forests, wetlands, grasslands, freshwater/marine areas, farms, ranches, cultural sites, historic sites, arboretums, manicured landscapes, cultivated and botanical gardens, reclaimed industrial sites, vacant lots, parks, parklets, schoolyards, athletic fields, and refuges. All of these areas form a patchwork of protected, restored and regenerated wild nature within an urban area that increase its permeability, resiliency and restorative qualities.

Why do we need WILD Cities?

By 2040, 80% of the global population will live in cities. Wild landscapes and large concentrations of wildlife exist in or near developed and developing urban areas. As the world becomes increasingly urban, human connections to wild nature are eroding. It is becoming more challenging to create enduring connections between people and nature without restoring it where the majority of people live.

There are many “champions” of wild nature in urban areas. The WILD Cities Project galvanizes these efforts while sharing tools, best practices and inspiration to contribute directly toward the regeneration of wild nature in cities. It unites and empowers all around a common purpose communicated as a hopeful vision being realized today.



The WILD Cities Project and its collaborative of Champions work to:

  • Preserve and enhance social well-being, community bonds and neighborhood characteristics
  • Improve urban air and water quality through nature regeneration
  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships to complete nature regeneration projects
  • Protect, restore and regenerate urban spaces and increase biodiversity
  • Increase ecological connectivity throughout urban areas
  • Ensure access to nature and recreational opportunities for all
  • Build new and diverse constituencies of champions for wild nature
  • Improve urban ecological, economic, social, cultural and spiritual conditions
  • Inspire hope and improve health in shared human/wild communities
  • Share replicable models, policies, resources and opportunities

How to get involved

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The WILD Cities Project is supported by: The Tiffany & Co. Foundation