Education Without Borders Conference Invites Andrew Muir as Leadership Mentor

Mentoring youth is something that Andrew Muir is very familiar with.  As the Executive Director of our sister organization The Wilderness Foundation (Africa) Andrew is a positive role model and leadership mentor for all of those enrolled in Umzi Wethu. The Umzi program trains AIDS orphans and displaced youth for jobs in the conservation field — and has a huge wilderness experience component.  These wilderness experiences harness the healing power of wild-nature, and also provide the students with essential leadership tools such as team-work and self-confidence.  Andrew received a 2008 Rolex Award for this ground-breaking and life-changing program.

From March 29 – April 1 Andrew will attend the Education Without Borders Conference in Abu Dhabi, as a leadership mentor. Education without Borders will bring together 1,000 students from 120 countries.  The conference aims to build relationships and networks across borders to better understand and generate solutions for some very pressing global challenges.  As a Leadership Mentor, Andrew will have numerous opportunities to interact with the outstanding young leaders selected to attend the prestigous conference.  We know that any student who meets Andrew will be inspired by his visionary leadership and innovative approaches to wilderness conservation and social challenges, such as Umzi Wethu.

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Karen Martinsen (Alaska) says:

Thank you for your contribution to a generation who will lead us into a whole new way of living and thinking and “being”.

John1382 says:

Very nice site!

Kat Haber says:

Tuli Kupferberg said it best… “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” And, that is our challenge…to convince our team that the new world we are trying to create is better than the one we’re in. Is it easy? Of course not. It takes planning, commitment, patience and courage. Andrew you are modeling a brave new world. Thank you.

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